HFoZ is Australia's newest HF Radio Network. After constant requests from all over Australia, finally we have bowed to pressure to launch this new and exciting HF Network. As you'll see from below, HFoZ provides many additional new services, most of which have never been available before in Australia or the world for that matter.

Before we get into nitty gritties, HFoZ will allow you to get much more usage from your HF Radio and assist in bringing together many other HF Radio users with similar interests to share all knowledge.

With the continual increase in the interest of HF Radio and the substantial growing number of sales throughout Australia, there's no doubt, a need for this type of network was warranted.


HFoZ/Radtel, has 15 carefully selected channels, ranging from 3 to 16Mhz.

Below is our 3 stage tiered plan options for HFoZ services and facilities, HFoZ Standard, HFoZ Xtra and HFoZ Complete

HFoZ-Standard - $65 Per Year
  Vehicle to Vehicle
Voice Comms - Vehicle to Vehicle ONLY  
HFoZ, gives you access to voice communications between vehicles without the interruptions from scheduled reports and or fixed times for reporting and logging.

SMS-PageCall Message Service* - Vehicle to Vehicle ONLY  
Most modern day radios are equipped with SMS or sometimes known as Paging. This feature allows the user the facility to send and receive short messages usually up to a maximum of around 64 characters between radios. It is particularly handy in times when signal strength may not be as good as required for normal voice communications.

GPS Position Reporting* - Vehicle to Vehicle ONLY  
GPS Position Reporting (providing the HF Radio has a GPS interfaced) will allow the user to send and receive GPS positions to and from other vehicles fitted with GPS. - Special HFoZ Deal - Click HERE
HFoZ-Xtra - $99 Per Year
  HFoZ-Xtra includes all of the above HFoZ Standard services plus Message Loggingl and GPS Position Report Logging as described below.
  GPS - Message Logging
GPS Position Report Logging*
Vehicle to Base Tracking
View Demo - Click Here

GPS Position Data Logging allows the radio user to send their co-ordinates to any of the designated HFoZ Base sites for safety logging purposes. The base will then automatically store this data for any possible safety and emergency purposes recall. It also gives your family, friends and business associates access to view these stored records from our secure database, by simply using any normal internet connection, via 'user name' and 'password'. In addition it will give them the facility to upload these GPS positions to a mapping page (Natmap Raster 1:250K Topographical) for easy reference. This completely eliminates the need for Voice logging to a base operator and is far more reliable than Voice Comms particularly in times of weak signal strength and poor propagation.

Message Logging Service* - Vehicle to Base
View Demo - Click Here
Message Logging allows the user to send messages (i.e., safety logging messages or just general messages) up to a maximum of 64 characters, to any of the designated HFoZ Base Sites. The information will then be stored on our secure database for any possible emergency purposes recall. It also gives your family, friends and business associates access to view these stored messages via any normal internet connection using your 'user name' and 'password'. Once again this feature as in GPS above, completely eliminates the need for Voice logging to a base operator.
HFoZ Complete - $149 Per Year
  HFoZ Complete is the ultimate and without a doubt the most comprehensive 'Safety in the Outback' package available anywhere in the world - It includes all of the above features and services but with the addition of Email and SMS to Mobile Phone facilities as listed below.
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HFoZ EMAIL will allow the radio to send and receive short text messages (up to 64 characters**) from your HF Radio to any designated preset email addresses (up to 99 email address can be stored). Friends, Relos and business associates can also send emails to the HF Radio, however they do need your Selcall number and 'User' password to access email sending.

  SMS to Mobile Phone *  
  Well I guess nothing needs to be said about this facility as I'm sure you've all used SMS on your mobile phone by now - It goes without saying that this is a WORLD FIRST for HF Radio - How easy is it to stay in touch now - never before has it been so easy. You can send SMS to a maximum of 99 pre-set mobile phone numbers which can be user programmed via any internet connection.
Emergency Assist ----The Ultimate Safety Plan! - $55 Per Year

Emergency Assist is an 'add on' option which can be added to any of the above Call Plans - Please note that this plan cannot be taken alone. It offers the complete 'Safety in the Outback' Emergency Assistance Package - included features and benefits as listed below.

  • 24 Hour Operator Emergency Assistance
  • Direct Selcall Emergency Contact with - RFDS, Police, NRMA, RAC, RACQ, RACV, RACT, various other Emergency Authorities etc
  • Direct Selcall Contact with Marine Rescue Authority, Coastal Patrols, Coast Guard & Sea Rescue authorities

By Radtel Network providing these facilities, this in turn maximises available airtime usage on HFoZ, hence offering the complete package without sacrificing network congestion and or incorrect usage of frequencies.

Just to re-enforce as noted above, that HFoZ and Radtel Network features are to be kept on SEPARATE networks/frequencies hence fulfilling our ongoing commitment to provide Australia's ONLY premium networks

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